Behind The Scenes with Grant Cardone and Tim Sales

Grant Cardone invited Tim Sales on his show as one of the Network Marketing Mogul.

On this “Behind The Scenes” at the Grant Cardone show, Tim Sales adresses some of the questions many fans asked Tim about Network Marketing.

Questions like:

  • What is Multi-Level Marketing and why the bad reputation?
  • What’s wrong with MLM? Why people have a problem with it?
  • What’s wrong with focusing on recruiting only and neglecting customer acquisition?
  • You have people underneath you that make more money than you?
  • Why people have a problem making money on other people below them?

Grant Cardone explained that it’s a long run. Success as an entrepreneur doesn’t happen overnight.

Tim Sales gave many clues as to what it takes to make it in MLM and why many people don’t make it.

We all look forward to the official intreview!

Thank you Grant Cardone for interviewing Tim Sales.

Grant Cardone Tim Sales

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