Grant Cardone Network Marketing Moguls interview going live!

I just got word that… POSSIBLY…
the full Grant Cardone / Tim Sales interview will be uploaded tomorrow!

I think you will love it!!

During the live interview Grant asked me near the end,

“How can people reach you?”

Since I want this to be about the whole network marketing industry instead of it being about me – I direct people to a website where they can download a document about the industry that I prepared for the interview… in this document I put all the things I wanted to say- whether Grant asked me the right questions or not!

Because you’re on the inside (and that you helped come up with the questions) I want to give you a first mover advantage of what I’m giving away to the people who go to the website.

I want this digital download to help you build YOUR business.  You can access it here:


The 6 Most Common Questions about MLM – ANSWERED & EXPLAINED.

Now you can finally distinguish between the FACTS vs. MYTHS about MLM and discover things like:

  • What’s Wrong with MLM?
  • What’s Right with MLM?
  • Can People REALLY Make Money?
  • And More!

Enjoy the free download!

Grant Cardone Network Marketing Moguls
Tim Sales

P.S.  We’ll get that link to the interview out to you once we know!